Friday, March 14, 2014

You say you're not ready to be in a relationship. You say you aren't the girl for me. You want me to be happy with someone else. You want us to stay friends. I'm okay with that. Why can't you be okay with it? You being afraid to be my friend tells me that maybe, just maybe you have some feeling for me. You're just scared. But you know what? I'm not done fighting for you. I may be hurt and left with a broken heart but I'm not done just yet. So don't you dare pull away from me. You have no right to do that. I know how to heal my broken heart and you pulling away and ignoring me is not the answer. Don't you dare! Do a Sasha. I know you're better than her. I know when to stop because of her. It's not that time yet.

Look at me and smile. Look at me and remember why we became friends. Look at me and remember why you started to fall for me. Look at me like how I look at you.

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